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Lotus is the way to go, great staff and great environment! Love the place!!

I've lived at Lotus for 2 years now. I highly recommend it. The management staff is great to work with and the units are new and clean. Its close to everything downtown. The secured, off street, heated parking garage is awesome! The rooftop patio has a GIANT view of the entire valley with a BBQ and gas fire pits. The gym is modern and new with floor to ceiling glass windows that overlook East and West. If you're deciding between a few different apartment options, if you choose Lotus, you will not be disappointed.

We have lived here for 5 years and love it! Great maintenance staff, professional management, clean and pet friendly. The ivy is gorgeous The views are spectacular. The closets are walk in. The floor plan is inviting. The arch work is stunning. The Management is VERY quick to get someone here to fix any problem. There is always a parking spot. The hardwood floors have been well-maintained. The neighbors are friendly.

We have lived here for 5 years and love it. Great maintenance staff, professional management, clean and pet friendly.

The Barbara Worth Apartments are owned and managed by the Lotus Apartments next door. I'm leaving this review here, because it's really a review of whoever owns both properties. ** I am editing my review and changing it to a 4-star. Shortly after posting my review on yelp, The Lotus management got in contact with me hoping to make our living arrangement better. We sent them a laundry list of issues with our particular unit, and we came to the conclusion that moving us to a different unit would be best for us all. (Hopefully they will be fixing the issues before the next tenants move into our old one!) Our new unit has almost none of issues the old one had. There are minimal cracks in the ceiling and the front door hasn't been kicked in before. The hardwood floors have been well-maintained, so no more splinters! The radiators actually have adjusting knobs, so no more dying of heat! And finally, the unusual bathroom installations are non-existent, so the toilet isn't under the bathroom sink!! We had issues finding parking before, but things seem to have changed drastically. There seems to always be a spot now, and we haven't had to park on the street in months! And there used to be dog poop literally everywhere outside. I think enough people complained, because they installed a second dog waste station, and there are a lot less poop-bombs to avoid lately. There are still a few issues we have with the building that we hope get addressed in the near future. We know that in order for the building to keep its "historic" title that some repairs will take longer and/or will cost more. The main issues being: *The water heater still doesn't work that well. Although it doesn't go completely out as often as it used to. We do often have to take lukewarm showers, though. *The front door to the building looks like it's been kicked/pushed in a few too many times. It's not terribly secure and it can be forced open. Our experience with the Lotus management has improved greatly over the last few months. We really hope this is an upward trend!

The Barbara Worth Apartments are owned and managed by the Lotus Apartments next door. I'm leaving this review here, because it's really a review of whoever...

I loved living here for the 2 years although a little pricey I still have a ton of fun memories and for the most part all the tenants here are pretty cool. The leasing office girls were always really nice to me and the owner was an awesome guy who would ask if I ever needed a hand. (awesome dude) So although I think they could do a few things to improve, all in all it doesn't get more downtown then across the street from St. Madeleines Cathedral and I kinda had a blast here.

A bit pricier than other options, but a relatively good internet package is included, as well as (at least when we moved in) a generous directv group pricing. When we had to leave mid-lease, it wasn't particularly difficult, which is always appreciated.

Good apartments at a good price

amazing location in the middle of downtown. love love this place!

Lived at Cliffside for a year. The manager was always responsive. They worked with me when I couldn't move in for a month after signing the lease, and also worked to quickly resolve the smelly carpets when the cleaning didn't work. There was some inconvenience involved with getting flooring replaced while trying to live there, but they gave me a discount on the rent that month, which helped. Location was quiet, convenient to public transit and downtown, and just the right size for one person. My only complaint was the lack of windows. I would have happily stayed for several years, but I decided to move in with my significant other, and it would have been too small for both of us.

Convenient location if one is a student and very management rates. Clutch bus stop right in front of the apartment complex and plenty of parking space. Great living experience if you are a student.

Everything was good.

If I ever come back to Salt Lake, I would rent from them again in a heartbeat.

Great view, easy access to downtown. Quiet community setting next to a good school.

Overall, I love it here at Forest Gate apartments.

I live at the Gardens. For the most part, it's nice. The lawns are always well kept.

having an office just a walk up the road with friendly people makes a big difference!!!

The apartment is very quiet. I appreciate that I can pick up my package deliveries at the Lotus Residential Office.

It is a pretty sweet place with a great vibe and community.

What a great place you've made! It's perfect in every way! And friendly too.

I have lived at the Locust Lane Apartments for nearly a year now, and want to express my happiness and gratitude towards the Lotus Properties Management, and Staff. I have been very pleased with my living experience here, and have been extemely happy with the professional matter in which the managment team has assisted in ensuring a worry free and quality home enviornment. I would like to specifically thank Corey, and Michele for their effort in ensuring the happiness of their tennannts, and notably the extra mile they go in doing so. Thank you guys so very much! I look forward to my future stay with Locust Lane Properties. Craig

Lotus takes maintenance requests seriously and is prompt in addressing the issues. The staff is way cooperative as well.

I've loved the management here at Forest Gate. They are by far the most organized and caring managers I've ever worked with. They're always so on top of things and in tune with our needs, they were the deciding factor of my decision to move to these apartments and also the reason why I've stayed.

Living at Forest Gate has been a good experience. Things usually get taken care of in a very reasonable time frame.